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2 Stroke Engine Oils

POLILUBE 2 Stroke Engine Oil is recommended for 2 stroke air-cooled engines, including, but not limited to lawnmowers, chainsaws, edgers, hedge trimmers, stationary engines and brush cutters.

  • Contains additives to minimise wear ensuring long engine life.
  • Mixes easily with petrol if required, and can be used at ratios of 10:1 to 50:1.

2 Stroke Outboard Oils

POLILUBE 2 Stroke Outboard is recommended for use in high-speed, high-load and high engine temperature conditions, in both pre-mixed and injection systems.


Recommended fuel/oil ratios from 10:1 to 100:1.

  • Self-mixing, special ashless detergents keep deposits to an absolute minimum.
  • Reduces pre-ignition and piston rings sticking.

2 Stroke Racing Oils

POLILUBE 2 Stroke Racing Oil is a synthetic fortified oil recommended for high horsepower units. Special additives prevent pre-ignition and plug fouling and provides maximum lubrication even under very stressful conditions.

  • Prevents pre-ignition and plug fouling

  • Provides maximum lubrication.

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