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Antifreeze Concentrate

POLILUBE Antifreeze Concentrate Coolant is a universal ethylene glycol-based formulation suitable for passenger cars, light trucks and heavy vehicles. The formulation is designed for both gasoline and diesel engines

  • Its low-silicate, moderate PH, phosphate free protects all cooling system metals, including aluminium.

Antifreeze 50 Ready to Use

POLILUBE Antifreeze 50 Ready to Use Coolant is a long life, ethylene glycol based formulation suitable for both petrol and diesel engines in passenger cars, SUV, light and heavy duty commercial trucks.

  • Lower silicate, moderate pH, phosphate free formulation.
  • Maximum rust and corrosion protection.
  • Prevents cold weather freeze ups and hot weather boil overs.
  • Protects against scale build up for both petrol and diesel engines.
  • No harm to hoses, plastics or other cooling system components

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