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Premium machining slideway oil

Polislide Series slideway oil is formulated high quality base stocks and a unique additive system which provides exceptional separability from most water based cutting fluids. Polislide Oils are premium quality lubricants designed to meet the exacting conditions which occur in the lubrication of machine tool ways and slides. They are also suitable for machine tool hydraulic system.



Exceptional separation from most water based cutting fluids to minimise the problems and costs of coolant disposal


Superior work piece finishing and closer tolerances resulting from elimination of stick-slip and chatter


Suitable for all slideway material combinations


Long lubricant life due to high chemical stability and resistance to oxidation


High precision due to low slideway wear


Longer service life of machine tools due to outstanding anti-wear performance and excellent protection against rust and corrosion


High performance slideway oil

  • Polislide Series Oils are recommended both as slideway lubricants, particularly where high precision is required under heavy loading conditions at slow speed.

  • Where the viscosity is correct, they can be used in moderate service machine tool hydraulic systems.

  • Their extreme pressure properties make the Polislide Series Oils suitable for all types of gears found in machine tools.

  • Contains tackifiers and extreme pressure additives, which reduces friction and maintains film strength under heavy loads and slow movements.

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